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Originally Posted by Flatlander View Post
I think having an efficient sieve is more important than missing out on a few reportable primes.

(I'm more worried about my dozens of top-5000 primes that will be pushed out soon.)


But why not start a drive for 350-352k now, and get them registered?

Well, that's a no-brainer. Why didn't I think of that? Duh.

Ian, how far from completion are you on the P=1.4T-1.8T range? If you're < 3 days from completion, we'll wait on it. If we're gonna be undersieved for part of it, we may as well minimize how much we are undersieved by. lol

Max and others, what do you think about getting the drive started on late Tues. or Weds. or Thurs. for n=350K-352K with sieving only at P=1.4T or 1.8T?

I don't want to make a big mess out of this by stopping everyone in the middle of sieving to start on LLRing and then having the sieving get put off for a long time so that we're stressing on sieving again. We could get in a nasty circle. We'll have to discuss resource allocation later today to avoid that scenario. I need to go now but I'll need to get an approximate estimated time to complete n=350K-352K so that we can have an informed discussion about it.

No worries Chris, you'll get your primes back plus plenty more with this drive. Even though we'll be knocking our own primes off the list quite a bit, there will be many more to replace them than are knocked off.

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