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Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
With the primes just pouring in at top-5000 as a result of PrimeGrid running an effort on the Proth side similar to what we are currently for k<1200 and at lower n-ranges, it looks like n=350K will be at n=350K by Jan. 5th or earlier.

Since people reserved and divided up their ranges on their cores assuming a Jan. 15th completion date, we'll stick with our plans here but I'll put another quad on it starting later today or on Weds that will boost the reserved ranges to P=~7T. On Jan. 5th, my 1st 2 quads will finish and I'll be able to do another P=1.6T range by Jan. 15th. That would put it at P=8.6T so we'd likely just need a few more smaller reservations to get us where we need to be.

The drive will still be n=350K-500K but the first few primes may be non-top-5000. I'm now estimating that the 5000th prime will be at n=351K by the time we start.

As if we hadn't done so already, PrimeGrid has demonstrated conclusively that our method of searching for primes is the wave of the future!

I think having an efficient sieve is more important than missing out on a few reportable primes.

(I'm more worried about my dozens of top-5000 primes that will be pushed out soon.)


But why not start a drive for 350-352k now, and get them registered?

My reservation will finish late 01/01/09 GMT. (Looks like >20,000 factors.)

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