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Hopefully, but only actual user testing will tell. I've no near-term plans to buy HW with one of the new Apple chips, so will rely on others for the guinea-pigging here.

Note that on my (very old, Core2Duo-based!) Macbook Classic I use clang and gcc more or less interchangeably from the command line, mostly prefer the former as it is 3-4x faster than gcc, but occasionally I need to use gcc for debugging, as clang sometimes optimizes away certain variable names even at -O0 optimization level. On my system at least, I can compile a specific sourcefile with debugging (e.g. -O0 -3 -ggdb) enabled using gcc and link together with clang-optimized-compiled .o files for the rest of the Mlucas suite, no problems -- but as I noted, this is for older OS/CPU, before Apple iOS-ified OS X and went much more walled-garden|app-store on us. Hopefully the above still holds.
How hard would it be for mlucas to support primality testing of other forms, such as k*^n+/c or PRP testing of forms that do not have an efficient primality test?
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