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Now intending to work on the exponents in the second half of 56 M that has B1=B2≤700,000 and without a DC.
As most of the exponents will be in Cat 3 and higher, I will reserve every exponent as TF before I start my work. If you see an exponent that is not currently reserved in the Primenet system, then it simply means I am not working on it. Declaration here is more for the recording of progress.

Currently colloquially "reserved":
- the first half 56 M (B1=B2≤690,000)

Currently intending to do (will Primenet-reserve every exponent before I actually start working on it, so you don't have to avoid anything——there is no risk of me poaching your factor):
- the second half 56 M (B1=B2≤700,000)
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