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Originally Posted by Madpoo View Post
There are the collations which also play a factor (how things are sorted, case/accent sensitivity, etc.)

My day job may involve working with data in Cyrillic, Polish, CJK, etc. and those DB's in particular have their collation set to an appropriate one. I have a lot of "fun" when data is being transferred across DBs and matching up data, since I have to add some type of COLLATE (kind of like a CAST) to avoid the mismatching collation errors that inevitably arise.

I once knew a fella who insisted all DB's use binary collation... at the time we all thought he was pretty out there for that idea and we actually had to do a project to switch to SQL_Latin1... but when dealing with multiple languages and character sets, it's actually a better argument for binary if you don't mind specifying what collation you want to have your rows sorted, because binary just won't cut it.
Indeed. Binary and UTF-8 are the only character sets that should ever be used in a modern system.
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