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Originally Posted by Mark Rose View Post
Are any from sannerud's laptop? If so, did the v4 entries make it into this list?
Oh, good question.

Unfortunately it's a little difficult to map the old v4 entries to their v5 user id, if they mapped their v4/v5 usernames. I looked at doing that but there's a few tricky bits.

But I can say that by looking at the old logs, I see 4664 distinct exponents where sannerud did some TF and didn't find anything.

4352 of those still have zero factors found. I don't know what parameters George used previously to identify the work to redo? Was it just the exponent, or was it narrowed down to the bit ranges in particular? It'd also be good to check these and see if any had already been re-checked by someone. A very crude look shows "most" of those have been checked by someone else, but I don't know if it was the same bit ranges or not.

584 exponents, on the other hand, have *only* been checked by sannerud, in any range. Bear in mind, I'm tired and I should know better than to do SQL queries with any authority when I'm tired.

For George's benefit, the query looks something like (somewhat obfuscated just for whatever reason):
select distinct exponent from <v4 log> where <user text> like 'sanner%' and <result>=<no factor by TF>
   and exponent not in (select distinct exponent from <factors>)
   and exponent not in (select distinct exponent from <v5 log> where <result>=<no factor by TF> and <id>  != <sannerud's user id )
 order by exponent
He (she? I have no idea) TF'd some exponents multiple times for whatever reason.

Here's one for someone to run with and see what happens:

It was tested 6 times by sannerud between 2003-12-02 and 2004-08-04 but in each case the result logged is like "...M23562031 no factor to 2^67..."
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