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Default A problem when manually assigning P-1 factoring

I intend to P-1 factor M323232323. In Prime95 (v30.3, Windows) I clicked "Advanced"--"P-1" and typed 1*2323232323-1, B1 = 3232323, B2 = 323232323. But after I clicked the "OK" button, the communication thread told me that this was an "unsupported assignment work type:3", why did this happen? Are these bounds B1 and B2 I chose incorrect? (I had visited the exponent status page and saw the current bounds for M323232323 is now B1 = 2 220 000, B2 = 45 510 000 before my assignment) If so, how can I properly(and carefully, manually) select the appropriate bounds for P-1 factoring?

I'm new here and still yet to fully understand the math behind it and how these assignments work. Expecting someone to help me explain this. Thanks!
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