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On the good side, I have 18 (17) of 20 original machines fully upgraded with all the latest of everything. (One of the 18 didn't fully upgrade the OS.) But, it is fully working for all the factoring packages.

On the bad side, the two that stopped being able to access the Internet have not gotten any better and I haven't been able to determine why. Everything appears to point to them working correctly. However, I don't have any 18.04 machines to compare them directly with ATM.

I'm looking at two approaches:

1. I'm upgrading a 16.04 machine to 18.04 to see if I can match its settings better to the two that don't work.

2. I'm exploring the idea of setting up a proxy server on one of my other machines and using it to reach the Internet. I'm hoping that method will allow me to upgrade them to 20.04 and see if that fixes the Internet issue. Even if it doesn't solve the issue, if I can get these machines fully upgraded for all the packages and they remain able to work within the LAN, all should be good.

For the most part, once I got into a routine, all the upgrading went well for the majority of the machines. I was even able to just "svn up" and recompile some of the packages without starting from scratch although other packages didn't work that way, even after "uninstalls" and "make clean" attempts.

@Xyzzy: The package manager approach sounds good on the surface, but I like to be able to catch all the latest revisions for YAFU, msieve,CADO-NFS, etc.
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