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Someone has been distributing small square paper flyers with the following warning in my area:
Major Catastrophic
September 2010

In the greatest US ecological & environmental
disaster of the century, all the experts agree.

Severe infrastructure damage to hit !
Banks, Jobs, Gas, Electric, Roadways > Ruined!
..................DO NOT GET TRAPPED!..............
***Be Wise * Play it Safe * Plan Ahead***

All details at
Warning the people, 2ww4 is a non profit, volunteer distribution
My Comment: Where to begin ... "All the experts" apparently does not include numerous folks at the USGS in Menlo Park, California, who appear frequently on our local Bay Area news broadcasts and when asked about this kind of earthquake prediction, pronounce it "bunk". Note that that doesn't make them "right" ... it simply makes them "not experts". Next, the "Banks and Jobs" catastrophe has already occurred, but not as a result of an earthquake. Lastly, on a grammatical note, wouldn't it be the earthquake hitting and *causing* the infrastructure damage? Inquiring minds want to know.

But just to be safe, I suggest readers having any spare cash (or stuff they can sell to raise such) to buy all the land on the side of the various faults opposite that which will fall into the sea.

Seriously, I realize it's natural to be skeptical of loud unsupported claims like the above, but if you visit the 2ww4 website, they really do make some compelling scientific arguments, for example
Invasion2Come is the warning of the Invasion of America in WW3 and the Invasion of the Lord Jesus Christ to overthrow the world in WW4. The links above, as well as signs I have received, are an abundant compilation of testimonies of direct downloads from Heaven.
So some geologically influential Hispanic fellow named "Jesus" with megalomaniacal tendencies is going to try to "overthrow the world" next Fall? I trust the keeper of the above blog has notified Homeland Security...

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