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Originally Posted by R.D. Silverman
I am not the one prattling and spewing hyperbole about "beautiful result" over something that is trivial....
You appear to not understand the intent of my intial response. I was not asking if that was a "world record". I was asking ET if that was his current record for his factoring app. Context. I have worked with ET on his projects, thus a personal interaction. The result is a beauty in that it shows that his app works.

I did not "go into forums where I am ignorant and spew nonsense". I was asking the original poster a question about his app. I am not wholly ignornant of factoring. Since the date of the post ET has upgrade his app. I wonder if he has tested it with larger numbers.

You stated: "We see here yet another instamce of the "instant gratification" generation in action."
I am unaware of the word "instamce".
Are you claiming that ET is or I am part of that "generation"? Him for sharing a small point of joy? Or me for asking a question?

Since this is a factoring forum, this will be my last response to non-factoring related posts.
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