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Originally Posted by kruoli View Post
This was with P-1, e.g. Pminus1=1,2,27318307,-1,1200000,40500000,74. I'll retry with 30.7 soon. If you look at the exponent page of M27318307, you'll see I have two results there (mprime was killed by the kernel and the worktodo.txt content was still the same as of two days prior, I did not notice that before restarting and duplicated work that way, I thought WellBehavedWork would write the file more frequently; I digress). The first was before I added the stage 1 skip, the second one after, so it's definitely the same worktodo entry.
FYI: 30.7 always skips stage 1 GCD for P-1 (you'll get it for free during stage 2 init)
FYI2: Brent-Suyama is no more.

Do you keep old save file around for possibly later increasing B2? Could this bug have something to do with picking up an old save file and increasing its bounds rather than a consequence of stage1gcd=0?

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