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Originally Posted by Citrix
II am working on k=3^16 for base 2^16 from 0 to 2 Million, I am getting about 2150kp/s on a 1.4 ghz p4. What would the speed be for your program, with the above implementation ie. only considering primes 32*a+1?
I have implemented your idea in srsieve version 0.3.12, if you use the --verbose switch it will print a message like "Filtering for primes of the form ..." if the special form of the sequence is recognised.

There is one limitation that I may be able to remove in the future: If you sieve two sequences together like (7^2)*2^n+1 and (7^4)*2^n+1, it will sieve both sequences using the same form of factors, i.e. p=x*2^2+1 in this case. If you sieve (7^4)*2^n+1 seperately it can use p=x*2^3+1.
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