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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
FYI2: Brent-Suyama is no more.
Sometimes things have to go. I think you mentioned that earlier.
Edit: I had the setting still active and the program wrote that it had used Brent-Suyama to the JSON file, maybe this should be ignored and not written to the result file? I'll delete the setting nonetheless, but I hope I do not forget to do this for all of my machines...

Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Do you keep old save file around for possibly later increasing B2? Could this bug have something to do with picking up an old save file and increasing its bounds rather than a consequence of stage1gcd=0?
That's might be it! Because of running all jobs a second time (unintentionally), they were run two times with the same B1, the second time only resumed. I had not watched the machine for a while, otherwise I should have seen this. Shall I try this with 30.7, too?

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