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I don't have easy access to which exponents are assigned or not, so if it's important to you guys to have the P-1 report based on that then I'll need to enlist Madpoo's help to generate some data for me.
It shouldn't be filtered by "suboptimal" TF, I'd want data on TF levels of all exponents, and not a list of exponents but just a count per range. Something like
SELECT COUNT(*) AS `howmany`, (FLOOR(`exponent` / 10000) * 10000) AS `10k_range`
FROM `table`
GROUP BY `10k_range`, `tf_bits`, `pm1_is_done`, `pm1_is_available`, `pm1_is_assigned`
The last 3 boolean columns should always have one and only one of the 3 set to true -- it's either done, or it's currently assigned, or it's not-done and not-assigned therefore available. Could just as well be represented by a single field (e.g. 0=done, 1=assigned, 2=available)
@Aaron: how heavy a query is something like that?
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