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Default Special n

Here is the place to post your search-results for special exponents.
It's like a Constant n Search but i think it's worth an own thread.

For example:
L.Zhou searches for General Mersenne Primes, a prime with an exponent like k=1.
So 755061*2^756839-1 is a General Mersenne Prime for M32 (= 2^756839-1).

He also searches for n=2^2^19 = 524288 so 428079*2^524288-1 is the first prime.

The next exponent is the 29th Fibonacci-Number (f(n)=f(n-1)+f(n-2) with f(0)=0, f(1)=1) and he found 3681*2^514229-1 as first prime!

Only some examples so you can imagine when posting here.

I'll expand the examples with some results when ready.
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