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Ha - one of my early v19-oriented edits in my local version of the README.html sneaked into an edit I uploaded with material on the Android-phone battery-blowup problems I had. The actual section pointed to by that 'v19' link still says v18, so will leave as is, since it's not like I have millions of confused users burning up the interwebs due to the typo.

Fellow forumite Laurent Desnogues has access to an avx-512 machine via work and has kindly been helping out. Alas, no remote access, so the debug is proceeding slowly. But I still have at least a week of further shakedown testing on the ARM, sse2 and avx2 builds of the current v19 code I need to do, as well as lots of edits needed to the above-mentioned readme page, so no breakneck speed needed on the avx-512 front, since the debug issue Laurent's build turned up has been localized to a small section of new code, where I figured any such SIMD-version-related bugs would occur.
Please, keep us informed about what the ARM version can (and can't) do...

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