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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Sorry, can't help you with that, since I don't own any avx512-capable hardware yet, unless I occasionally get access to one via Colab.


Recent News: v19 released
but contains no contents or links relevant to V19.
Don't tease us like that!
Ha - one of my early v19-oriented edits in my local version of the README.html sneaked into an edit I uploaded with material on the Android-phone battery-blowup problems I had. The actual section pointed to by that 'v19' link still says v18, so will leave as is, since it's not like I have millions of confused users burning up the interwebs due to the typo.

Originally Posted by henryzz View Post
Could Amazon's cloud cpus be an option?
Fellow forumite Laurent Desnogues has access to an avx-512 machine via work and has kindly been helping out. Alas, no remote access, so the debug is proceeding slowly. But I still have at least a week of further shakedown testing on the ARM, sse2 and avx2 builds of the current v19 code I need to do, as well as lots of edits needed to the above-mentioned readme page, so no breakneck speed needed on the avx-512 front, since the debug issue Laurent's build turned up has been localized to a small section of new code, where I figured any such SIMD-version-related bugs would occur.
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