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Originally Posted by em99010pepe View Post
I'm asking for help because I am not smart. In indeed, I'm so stupid that I don't know why the hell I am replying to you.
If you look close enough to the file you'll see you are also calling dumb to the guy who developed the program.
I wasn't rude to anyone....

This thread is equal to this one. I didn't see you there complaining. So now, who is the smart one?!
If you this carefully you will see that Paul did not have a computer upon which he could build and run the code. I'm absolutely certain that if he did, then he would not have asked for help. If you are stating that the build is not for you but for other people to run in that environment that you are looking at, then I apologize.

BTW, I never called you or anyone else dumb, at least not in this thread. Many readers in this forum have perceptions of frequent posters to this forum. Even though many of us haven't met anyone other members of this forum, those that post frequently have a track record and the willingness of readers to respond to posts is in direct correlation to that perception.

Finally, I believe that if you had stated reasons for wanting such a build that you might have had better luck. I suggest you try again (with stated reasons) and see what happens. You might also consider PMing the person who did the build for Paul to see if they will do the same for you.
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