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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Some more questions, if I may:

How much poorer can I expect a Corsair Bronze PS to perform compared to a Gold?

Do I really want modular? That seems to add a possible trouble spot with an added connector. I can see that being able to not have as much clutter and air flow interference may be a plus, but I would probably stuff the extra cables inside the case to keep from losing them, anyway.

It kind of seems Corsair has good reputation, while EVGA has a poor one.

If my current motherboard only has a single PCI-e slot, would I be able to make use of 850 watts, other than for efficiency and possible reuse elsewhere in the future?

(My 2 cents)

- I would at least get a gold or platinum. The price difference between bronze and gold ATX psu usually isn't all that much if you shop around (I did not take into account the PSU supply atm given that GPUs and CPUs are low in supply)
- I had good experience with both Corsair SFX and EVGA ATX Supernova products). Had a 1200W platinum EVGA Supernova that ran for 4+ years without problem.
- A modular psu really helps with smaller cases but not really necessary. I think it's worth getting if it's not that much more $.
- 850W should be enough for any mb with any one gpu. Correct me if I am wrong. I have a 600w gold running a 3950x with one 2080super on an itx board.

Oh one more thing: do not mix cables between different PSU manufactures or different product lines. I "borrowed" a SATA cable from my EVGA psu on a corsair psu and it killed my AIO.
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