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Bronze and Gold refer to efficiency of the supply- you should be able to find a percentage effficiency in specs online.

Say the bronze is 82% and the gold 90%. The difference in at-the-wall draw will be around 8% of your load. If you're using a GPU, that load might be 400W, and 8% is around 32-33W of extra power drawn. Multiply by e.g. 20 hours a day, and you're around 0.65 kwh/day of extra use, or about 10 cents a day?

How fast does a nicer power supply pay for the additional cost, at $3/month?

Now, the gold supply you're looking at might not be 90% efficient (I think 90 is a typical platinum stat).... but this gives you an idea of savings. There's some chance the higher-rated supply is better quality overall and might last longer, but that's rather thin speculation and more a guess to feel better about the bigger initial outlay.

Edit; Here's a sample site illustrating the typical efficiencies for different ratings at 50% load and 100% load. I personally wouldn't run a power supply at more than 70% of rated load, or I'd expect to reduce its life.

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