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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Some more questions, if I may:

How much poorer can I expect a Corsair Bronze PS to perform compared to a Gold?

Do I really want modular? That seems to add a possible trouble spot with an added connector. I can see that being able to not have as much clutter and air flow interference may be a plus, but I would probably stuff the extra cables inside the case to keep from losing them, anyway.

It kind of seems Corsair has good reputation, while EVGA has a poor one.

If my current motherboard only has a single PCI-e slot, would I be able to make use of 850 watts, other than for efficiency and possible reuse elsewhere in the future?

In order:

Not by much, only a few percents, about 2-4 %, depending on other things. However, that difference can still be significant. It depends on your opinion on the electricity bill.

The airflow resistance from cables is really tiny (I think Linus Tech Tips had a video on this). If you are more comfortable with non-modular, it's alright.

I don't know anything about their reputation.

PSUs usually have peak efficiency at about 50% load, that means less heat loss, less money paid for (kind of) wasted electricity. But you are asking "other than for efficiency"... Then I can say, most probably no. Unless you buy a more power-hungry GPU or something.
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