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Originally Posted by chris2be8 View Post
Odd, it works for me. But I'm probably using a different browser. In Firefox try holding down the shift key while you click on the link, that should open the destination in a new window so you still have the old window to go back to. Or in Konqueror right click the link and you should get an option to do the same thing.

However, after a closer look at the list of recent changes (the last was in 2019, the one before in 2018) I don't think it's being kept up to date very often. Which is a pity.

You are apparently correct about Firefox and Tor, which I guess is Firefox based on my machine. Chrome on my tablet does get the 20 pin ATX connector at the shown link. On Firefox, I can do a right click to open a new window, tab, etc., but it still gives me:

Not Found

The requested URL /ATX_Power_Supply was not found on this server.
Apache Server at Port 443


The .net portion also redirects to .info (as displayed in the above message) on the home page.

If I try to adjust the .info to .net in the link call, I get the same except for:

Apache Server at Port 80


I have compared the links and they are identical. I wonder what's up with Firefox. . .

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