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Originally Posted by EdH View Post
Please forgive my possibly too ignorant state.

I am trying to see if I can replace a power supply in any of my systems to include one that can power a GPU. None of my current systems have the extra lines form the supply. For example, a Tesla K80 needs to be supplied with at least a single 8-pin connector (if rated high enough) or two 8-pin connectors via an adapter cable.

In my research of power supplies for ATX systems, I'm finding different ones with several 4 pin connectors, but some of those don't appear to include the standard(?) 4-pin 12V for the motherboard. To complicate things, some of my motherboards use the 6(8)-pin connector themselves which leaves none for a GPU.

Can the power supplies with multiple 4-pin connectors be used by placing two 4-pin supply connectors into the 8-pin GPU connector?

Thanks for any help.
I looked at the K80 power supply cables available on Ebay at the 8 pin male power end is unique to Tesla. It is NOT the same as a standard PCIE 8 pin.
I think that the cables for the mother board WILL NOT WORK in a GPU and vice versa.
Paul Underwood's post has good advice .William Furtik's is correct.
If you're not careful, you could fry your motherboard and everything on it and/or wreck your GPU.
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