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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
The user is still expected to have a basic understanding of their hardware's multicore aspects in terms of running the self-tests using one or more -cpu [core number range] settings. I haven't found a good way to automate this "identify best core topology" step, but it's usually pretty obvious which candidate core-combos to try.
My install script for Linux currently follows the recommended instructions on the Mlucas README for each architecture to hopefully provide the best performance for most users, but I would be interested in adding this feature to automatically try different combinations of CPU cores/threads and then picking the one with the best performance, although I am not sure what the correct procedure is to do this for each architecture and CPU or how the -DUSE_THREADS compile flag factors in. The scripts goal is to automate the entire download, build, setup and run process for Mlucas, so I think this could be an important component of that. I have not received any feedback on the script so far, so I am also not even sure if there is any interest in this feature or what percentage of systems it would affect.
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