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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
3257 sequences (9383 subsequences) using the GPU takes about 37 MB of RAM in the CPU and about 6 GB dedicated memory in the GPU (per Task Manager).

I do not recall how much CPU memory was used with 80000 sequences, but I thought it was around 2 GB.

Tried now the cl version on a RTX 5500XT with 8GB RAM but hit the limit, there was a driver timeout because of too much RAM used, I think it was 7.4GB.

srsieve2cl.exe -n2501 -N10000 -P1e9 -M 15000 -spl_remain.txt -fB

2021-01-11 19:57:22: Sieve completed at p=1000071173. Primes tested 50772480. Found 87459308 factors. 16098192 terms remaining. Time 239.43 seconds

The speed is awesome, still running this on 16 cores srsieve2 to compare. Could be much better on faster cards with 16-24GB RAM.
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