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Originally Posted by MisterBitcoin View Post
  p=24662984657, 428.2K p/sec, 2771 factors found at 13.13 sec per factor, 98.6% done. ETC 2021-01-10 03:06
Sieve completed at p=25000000013.
Processor time: 9358.14 sec. (15.48 sieving) (3.87 cores)
I wonder how he took 15,48 for sieving. Maybe its just an error, i used srsieve v 1.1 with the -W 4 flag.

This is the first time sieving goes above 1 for me :D
The framework differentiates the time used to generate a list of primes for testing vs the rest of the execution time. You can see that a tiny percentage of time is needed for sieving compare to the function that looks for factors given a list of primes.
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