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Originally Posted by LaurV View Post
BTW, is Ernst's toy digesting ARM64 yet?
You'll need to be specific as to what you man by "toy". If you mean Mlucas, it's had Arm64 128-bit SIMD assembly support since 2017. I no longer run it my little Odroid because that is too slow, only currently running it on the last of the batch of 12 Samsung Galazy 7 Android broke-o-phones I bought in the used/for-parts market in early 2019.

ATM, based on test-compiles from Laurent Desnogues, am making some code-fiddles to try to get it to build using the Clang compiler on the new Apple M1 - identical instruction set, and I use an older version of Clang myself on my old Macbook classic where I do most of my code editing and proof-of-principle work, but the version of Clang on M1 is doing some macro-inlining-related optimizations - and lowering the -O* level did not cure this - which GCC-on-Arm64 does not do, and Laurent hit "ran out of registers" errors on a pair of core-FFT macros which max out the GCC macro-arglist limit of 30. Hopefully have something buildable by the new year.

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