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We played for the last 2-3 weeks with a Banana Pi M64, together with other boards (read "versus"), to select the hardware for a future product for an industrial customer. It is amazing what that little board can do. The board itself is not a big deal, those guys have some better boards, but the CPU from Allwinner is a wonder, beating all the competition by far, for the peanuts it costs. My struggle was not with the hardware, I am "expert" at "metal" programming, but with the Linux (to which I suck, and the support is not much, compared with "other fruits" Pi-es around), but fortunately I have colleagues who know what to type in those terminals
It worth having a look, especially if your goal is not connecting it to mipi LCD and other strange hardware, but to make applications, i.e. use it as a learning computer, then give it a try. I mean, out-of-the-box, with a keyboard, mouse, hdmi monitor, install ubuntu or debian from the linked page, the board works very nice. Adding hardware to it and recompiling the linux, playing with the device tree, etc, that is another story.
BTW, is Ernst's toy digesting ARM64 yet?

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