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Originally Posted by ldesnogu View Post
P95 isn't an ARM application so it would run through Rosetta 2 which doesn't have support for anything beyond SSEn.

I guess mlucas would be faster than p95 under Rosetta but still slower than mlucas and p95 running on the fastest x86 chips: M1 can process 512 bits of FP data per cycle vs 1024 bits for best x86. M1 has a nice RAM bandwidth ~58GB/s but I'm not sure that's enough to compensate for the lack of FP width.

I'll provide some benchmark once I know what to install to compile mlucas on my shiny new MBP M1.
Hi, Laurent - the Mlucas-for-ARM-128-bit-SIMD binaries I posted via the README are alas for Linux (e.g. Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Android phones with suitable CPUs), but hopefully the same build procedure used for those will work for you.

Hard at work on Mlucas v20, which will add support for p-1 factoring and PRP-proofing, but is alas way behind schedule due to various reasons - what a crazy year it's been.
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