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Originally Posted by wagner85 View Post
Has anyone seen this new chip running p95 on PRP test?
Since ram, cpu, gpu are all packed in the same chip, I believe we could expect big improvements.
Could you please share your thoughts on that?
P95 isn't an ARM application so it would run through Rosetta 2 which doesn't have support for anything beyond SSEn.

I guess mlucas would be faster than p95 under Rosetta but still slower than mlucas and p95 running on the fastest x86 chips: M1 can process 512 bits of FP data per cycle vs 1024 bits for best x86. M1 has a nice RAM bandwidth ~58GB/s but I'm not sure that's enough to compensate for the lack of FP width.

I'll provide some benchmark once I know what to install to compile mlucas on my shiny new MBP M1.
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