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- sofa moved, ethernet cable hooked into router
- on plugging other end ito KNL and activating the connection, /etc/resolv.conf now shows the same nameservers I see on my Mac's airport setup info, 75^4 and 76^4
- able to ping, but that's meaningless - more importantly ping works
- NetworkManager-wifi installed, did 'systemctl restart NetworkManager', now nmtui->'Activate a connection' shows a bunch of netwworks under 'Wi-Fi' ... not including mine, NETGEAR63.

Worst case I csn use the ethernet cable again tomorrow to DL the Gnome stuff, but that wifi needs to work at some point, jeebus this is annoying. Dinnertime, back tomorrow.
Wait - OMFG, just tried posting the above using my Mac, it no longer sees NETGEAR63 anymore, either. Only ~half the usual # of router status LEDs lit. Unplug ethernet, no joy. Unplug/replug router (reset button is microscopic and recessed), wait 5 mins, LEDs green but again only half the usual. Using the downstairs Whole Foods' wifi to post this. Better stop for tonight or I'm gonna risk getting into breaking-stuff-out-of-frustration mode. Replugging the ethernet cable better at least give me something usable.
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