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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Sheesh, run the long cable, or temporarily relocate the box. There are better uses for your time than battling wifi install on a case with 2 or 3 RJ45s, such as proving out F33 P-1 code or producing Mlucas V20. Or someday resuming Mfactor checkpointing updates for multithreading.

(Aren't you one of the people that were trying to convince me things were so much simpler and easier on Linux? And now it's taking a committee to slowly over weeks get your one xeon phi box operational?)
Long-cable is likely what I'm gonna need to do ... but router is hidden behind a large sofa, with end tables at sides and rug+coffeetable in front, so getting physical access to it will require moving some furniture.

Re. other-work, the hour-per-day-max I've budgeted for this is not eating into my worktime, been sacrificing other internet activities, mainly lightening up my daily newsreading. And what do you think I intend to use the KNL *for*? Lots of cores, not a lot of memory, just the 16GB fast onboard RAM ... how much RAM would a really deep p-1 stage 1 run of F33 need? Mersenne-mod p-1 for v20 of course has first priority, but the front and back ends are more or less the same, just for M(p) one supplements the stage 1 prime-powers product with 2*p, whereas for F(m) one uses 2^(m+2).

Re. your spoiier: been very happy with my Ubuntu installs on other systems. CentOS, alas, seems to have been packaged by sysadmins, for sysadmins - not packaging the GUI and all-the-packages-needed-to-use-wifi with the basic install image, as e.g. Ubuntu does, is unforgivable in user-friendliness terms. But being annoyed at the folks who put together the distro is not helpful from a practical standpoint.
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