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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
I've tried the wifi stick in both the usb3 and usb2 sockets, no joy either way.
CentOs-8 AppStream
Errors during downloading metadata for repsitory 'AppStream'
- Curl error (6): Couldn't resolve hostname for,,, etc.
Sheesh, run the long cable, or temporarily relocate the box. There are better uses for your time than battling wifi install on a case with 2 or 3 RJ45s, such as proving out F33 P-1 code or producing Mlucas V20. Or someday resuming Mfactor checkpointing updates for multithreading.

(Aren't you one of the people that were trying to convince me things were so much simpler and easier on Linux? And now it's taking a committee to slowly over weeks get your one xeon phi box operational?)

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