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Whatever they put in the iMac refresh will probably be that first high core-count part. Once that works down to the Mac mini these will be very attractive for energy efficient compute with great granularity of cost and space.

But for now, single-threaded performance is faster than any other consumer CPU out there in specint and specfp2006. 10% higher specfp2006 than Ryzen 9 5950x in second place. All 4 big cores can run at full speed at the same time, so anything that fits the cache hierarchy well is going to be pretty zippy, but single core can saturate main memory at ~60GB/s.

The power draw figures are at-the-wall, and the Mac Mini may not be totally optimized for platform energy consumption, so I think the efficiency is hard to evaluate at these low wattage levels.

Between this and AMD’s roadmap, we have some degree of competition in mass market CPUs for the first time in quite a while!

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Memory bandwidth looks very nice, maybe in a generation or two they might add enough cores to make compute more viable. Power draw is high, possibly way higher than the SoC can make efficient use of, so I'm not entirely sure how to interpret the figures. Comparing to the 4800u which is in a much more efficient state seems disingenuous, comparing to the 4900HS makes more sense even though ideally you'd run both efficiently and knock a small percentage off the figures. The GPU looks nice, I wonder what GPGPU APIs Apple has neglected to kill as yet.

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