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Originally Posted by rogue View Post
How hard would it be for mlucas to support primality testing of other forms, such as k*^n+/c or PRP testing of forms that do not have an efficient primality test?
Will find out if/when I ever tackle an upgrade along those lines. :)

Current focus is 100% on the 2 major items intended for the v20 release, p-1 support (first for Mersennes, later also for Fermats) and PRP-proof capability. Last month been deep in the weeds of p-1 stage 2 enhancements, using scripting (as opposed to full-blown C/assembler implementation, which is the eventual aim) to try various things.

Oh, forgot to note re. build for M1 - first thing to try would be to see if the 128-bit-SIMD precompiled binary for ARM linked at the Mlucas README works.
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