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Default Apple M1 SoC

Religious debates aside, what's the consensus on this chip? They've made some very dubious claims regarding performance using incredibly vague metrics that would make a politician blush, but the few benchmarks that are out are promising (at least for a low power chip focused on mobile consumption).

tl;dr they've made a 4+4 big.LITTLE chip that is very wide (taking advantage of RISC) with a very large amount of L1 and L2 cache, on a 5nm node which gives a massive advantage to their low power target. IMO mobile Zen 2 is the best x86 comparison point that exists right now because it scales well to the lower power that M1 aims for.

Being ARM, mlucas should compile and work with little to no modifications? How it performs will be interesting, particularly FFT scaling. I recall reading that it has 4x128 bit NEON SIMD units but can't find the link as yet so pinch of salt, 4x128 doesn't sound like a lot on paper but M1 should have a frequency advantage. I believe the M1 uses LPDDR4X chips with 8GB minimum, speed and bandwidth unknown. Place your bets.
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