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My one main concern re. PRP-proof support is that it appears that the memory needs will relegate many smaller compute devices (Android phones, Odroid and RPi-style micros) to doing LL-DC and cleanup PRP-DC. It's downright undemocratic elitism, it is. ;)
Low power proofs are better than none. Standalone devices could drop to 6 (or even 5 if necessary?) and still save ~90+% of a DC.

Per power 7 takes 1.5GB disk space for residues at 100M p. Since Odroid is Ubuntu and GigE, why not pile residues on a network shared drive and then clean them up after the proof file exists? A Droid, Pi or phone farm could share a single TB drive.
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PRP-proof support will be in v20, yes. I am alas behind the curve
Right is more important than soon. And life happening affects how soon is practical.

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