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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
80mm for some cpu coolers qty 5 (Will require some custom mounting;; purpose is to keep straying cables away from the blades)

For gpu-face fans, won't your frame-surround screen handle that?
I suppose you could tape some 80mm guards in place, 3 per RadeonVII.
I decided against a custom mesh-screen surround, instead going with a pair of galss-top monitor stands (pair because max-height = 4", will flip bottom one upside down and epoxy or screws the 4 foot-bottoms to this of the top one, creating an 8" glass-top-and-bottom open-sided enclosure. Only the R7 on the extreme left end of the frame needs the fan guards, so 3 will suffice.

Thanks 4 the links - I contacted seller to see if they came with mounting screws, he said no, so since I was gonna need to order some kind of PC-screw-set anyway, ordered the following 2 items on Amazon: - Amzn only had the $4.99 5-pack in black, and 10-pack leaves plenty of extras for future use -- 300pc screw variety pack, I need the smallest-shortest for the fans.

I can cut a pair of 10"-long alu. strips from same batch I used for the custom floating-above-CPU mounting brackets for GPU #3 and use my handy-dandy drill press and tap&die set to create mounting holes for the fan-guard screws, then stick small pcs of 2-sided tape on the ends of the Alu. strips and use those to stick to the fan-side of the GPU.
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