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Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
That recipe sounds vaguely familiar, though I have a measly 3 R7s, the maximum I could accommodate without expanding the footprint (really, 18"L x 12"W x 7"H 3D bounding box) of said build and allowing plenty of airflow to the GPUs.

I notice you mention fan guards - I've been looking for R7-suitable (or specific) ones, w/o success. Can you provide link(s)?
I went with an 8-gpu-nominal frame and 6-slot motherboard recently, for extra/adequate space. 120mm fan guards for the front-mounted, (direct mount to normal plastic case fans) Some of the 6 front-mounted fans are exposed and will get guards front and back for safety.
qty 10
qty 4

80mm for some cpu coolers qty 5 (Will require some custom mounting;; purpose is to keep straying cables away from the blades)

For gpu-face fans, won't your frame-surround screen handle that?
I suppose you could tape some 80mm guards in place, 3 per RadeonVII.
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