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Originally Posted by retina View Post
It is as easy as removing a single file during installation and Win11 will install and run fine without any TPM or other hardware things that MS claims are necessary.

It is purely for their benefit, not yours, to ensure you aren't doing anything they don't approve of.
A more charitable interpretation might be that they're trying to rehabilitate the reputation of Windows as malware-riddled and prone to attacks. Anecdotally, this is still a commonly held viewpoint among almost all of the "non-computer" people I know even though it's not inherently true (competitors aren't more structurally secure, just less profitable to attack). Mandating Secure Boot and the use of a TPM, if heavy-handed, might make a real dent in this. (Or it might not since most real-world Windows malware seems to target old versions anyway, for their lack of currency on security updates.)

As long as the security mandates are trivial to bypass I don't see a significant problem. Power users can still do whatever they want (including just skipping Windows and installing Linux instead) and the "average" user probably is at least marginally better-protected.
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