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Originally Posted by sweety439 View Post
In thread, there is a way to use bot to post many numbers for Aliquot sequence (also home primes sequence) in factordb, however, is there a way to use bot to post Bell(n), Euler(n), Pell(n), Tribonacci(n), Perrin(n), Padovan(n), Fubini(n), Motzkin(n), Wolstenholme(n), A(n), K(n), Partition(n), DistinctPartition(n), Sm(n), SmWl(n), and A000521(n) in factordb, for all 1<=n<=10000? Also for the first n digits for many mathematical constants (pi, e, gamma, sqrt(2), ln(2), golden ratio, ...) for all 1<=n<=10000?
Now I try to use Autofill for this, for the options, I selected "JavaScript" for type and typed these texts for value:

var x = document.querySelector('input[name="query"]');
x.value = '123';

var y = document.querySelector('input[name="query"]');
y.value = '456';

var z = document.querySelector('input[name="query"]');
z.value = '789';
(I will use PARI/GP program to change "123" and "456" and "789" to the Bell numbers, the Euler zigzag numbers, the Fubini numbers, etc. (my PARI/GP programs can compute them, and can print the codes) also all right-truncatable primes in bases 2<=b<=90 and all known minimal primes in bases 2<=b<=50 (both datas are available online), and change the variables "x" and "y" and "z" to "x1", "x2", "x3", ...)

but why the factordb only enters 789 to factorize, and does not enter 123 and 456?

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