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Plus k = 115059, 118305, 126423 upto n = 200K

Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
Here is an updated web page for all k*2^n-+1 twins for k=100K-1M and n<=50K if the k has a twin for n>10K:
I`ve doublechecked and tested k = 115059, 118305, 126423 (they are near my ranges) upto n = 200K.
No new twins.

I`ve found only 1 Proth prime (~4500 Proth-Riesel pairs of candidates were tested):
118305*2^169842+1 is 3-PRP! (92.6915s+0.0008s)
118305*2^169842-1 is composite: RES64: [350692DEE5B9A708] (129.1531s+0.0373s)
No new xGFs.
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