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Quick update, no new primes...

All n < 4,300,000 have been tested.

n < 10,000,000 sieved up to 570E12 (10,000 s / factor)

Approximately 90,000 candidates remain.

Largest LLR-test currently running:
n = 4,450,000
FFT = 448k
6200 s / test
Caldwell entry rank: 290

If the LLR-runtime would increase strictly quadratic, then it'll take to around n = 5,600,000 until an LLR test takes again as long as sieving to eliminate a candidate. As a very rough estimate that should take about 7 months on the 10 core.

And when will the next prime appear? Judging from Primegrid's results on other prime k values it can be a looong time.
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