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Default Knight's Corner PCIe 7120A Coprocessor

This thread is intended as a reference thread for Mersenne exponents of special forms. For discussion, please use the reference discussion thread (Discussion posts added to this thread may be moved or deleted without notice or recourse.)

The 7120A is an actively cooled Knights Corner dual slot PCIe add-in coprocessor, with 16GB of on-card ram, a special embedded os uOS, and a blower for cooling. Its performance is likely a fraction of a modern gpu. It communicates with the host system over the PCIe bus as if it was a separate networked system. Intel's spec sheet is here. Briefly: 61 cores, 1.238 Ghz base clock, 1.33 turbo clock, 30.5 MB L2 Cache, 16GB ram, 352 GB/s ram bandwidth, 300 W TDP, PCIe 2.0, Intel IMCI instruction set.

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