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Default get all the 5000 biggest primes above 100K digits

Sorry for putting something prime related in the Lounge. I wanted to get it noticed.

If you go to the Prime Pages and look at the list of 5000 biggest primes, numbers from the 1-4061st place on the list are 100,000 digits or more. I propose we start a project whose goal is to make all the top-5000 primes 100,001 digits or more.

I propose, for a short a period of time(until all top-5000 primes are more than 100,000 digits) that people head over to the Twin Prime forum here on Mersenne Forum and do a few numbers to help this goal. Myself, as soon as this message is posted, I'm going to put the projects now running on my Pentium-D on hold until this goal is reached.

Would anyone like to join me?
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