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Originally Posted by RedGolpe View Post
I downloaded the binary Windows executable file for the new Msieve version (1.10) and changed the .exe file but when I stop and restart it, it won't use the previous data in msieve.dat: instead, it deletes the file and starts a new one. Unfortunately, when I saw 1.10 working properly, I deleted the 1.07 file, which was working properly.
So, could anyone help me with version 1.10 (like posting a correctly working binary for Windows) or just post the old 1.07 executable? Thank you for your time.
If you still have the logfile from your 1.07 run, compare the "using multiplier of X" line there with the "using multiplier of Y" line in the 1.10 version. If they are different for your factorization, then you cannot restart your 1.07 job with 1.10

If you're in a position to build from source, you can force the choice of multiplier to match up between the two versions, and then restart will work as expected. If both versions already have the same multiplier, then it's a bug and I can try to find out what's going on.

Hope you didn't waste too much work,
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