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The rig:
AMD 64 X2 4400+ (2.2GHz dual-core, L2 cache 1MB each core)
2x1GB OCZ 2-3-2-5 Titanium
eVGA 7800GTX
RAID1+0 4x74GB Raptors
Maxtor 250GB (16MB cache)
NEC 3540A CD/DVD burner
Enermax 600Watt Noisetaker
Lian-Li PC-V1000B case

Although this is a benchmarking (hence the RAID1+0) and gaming rig, I don't have it overclocked; I had a mild overclock going at one time but have since returned everything to its stock settings. At first I thought the video drivers may have been a problem. But I since confirmed they are not. All BIOS, drivers, etc. are up to date and are stable as far as reports on the web on concerned.

I do not run prime95 while gaming or benchmarking. After testing hardware/playing, I restart both instances of prime95 and get the error right away. That is how I noticed it.

This is what I see. This happens only when I stop/continue. I allow a few minutes between each stop/contine cycle so the CPU is cool when I continue. I've never seen it happen several minutes/hours after I continue. Once it restarts successfully, it can run for days without an error.

This rig has passed several (i.e., three or four I forget) 12 hour torture tests at both OC and stock settings.

Test=30322213,68,1 has affinity set to CPU 0.
Test=30322363,68,1 has affinity set to CPU 1.

I am presently checking out the memory more closely and will let you know if I find a problem with it . . . but I have a feeling the memory is okay. We'll see.
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