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If I were you I would put the card back in and run it while looking for a replacement fan. Bearings start making noise long before they fail (like months to years). I have a Kodlix GK45 NUC style computer that I bought about a year ago and have been running both Prime95 and mfakto on it continuously. The CPU fan started making noise and vibrating within the first three months. that was about 9 months ago. I am typing this reply on that same computer right now. While typing this reply, Prime95 is crunching a P-1 at the rate of about 6.5 GHz-d/day and mfakto is factoring a number at about 5.5 GHz-d/day. The fan is still turning and right now is just emitting a light growl as it turns. Sometimes it is a lot louder and almost makes like a knocking sound. sometimes it is quieter and almost does not make any sound at all. I decided early on that I was just going to see how long the fan lasted and when it fails, see if I can find a replacement fan.

My other experience with fans making noise is the mini tower with my GTX-1650 Super. For months I kept hearing an intermittent howling vibration come and go but could not figure out which fan was the problem. First I disconnected the case fan with the side open for cooling but within a week or two the intermittent noise was still there. Then I replaced the 6 year old stock CPU fan with a higher performing aftermarket fan. When that did not fix it, I started suspecting one of the GPU fans but it just did not sound like that was where the noise was coming from. So I put up with the noise for a few more months. Finally, I upgraded the power supply to a 80% Gold unit that I found on sale and the noise was gone.

I would not treat an expensive graphics card quite the same way as an old or cheap computer but if your fan just started vibrating, my experience with computer fans show that you have plenty of time to find and prepare to replace it.
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