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Originally Posted by garambois View Post
Yes, I am planning to update the C80 digit file very quickly. But the scan of the 27,000 sequences takes several days (21 days !).
I will also create a C80 file for all the Open End sequences in our project, as advertised here :
Please keep me posted if you are doing any work in this direction as well !
I'm doing some experiments now, that will provide some better info, but initial results seem to point to me being able to get all 27645 sequences in a timely manner, and then use the local set for all my "playing."

My overall intention is to create a local set of all open sequences (<3M). Then, create scripts (or C++ programs) for the following:
- Update entire set by comparing last lines and only retrieving sequences that have changed since the last time run - to be used only a couple times a year.
- Create lists of last occurrences of various digit sizes (C9/C30/C60/C80).
- Check for merges against local sequences rather than the db. Since the C80 listing will reflect data harvested from the local set, there should not be a need to check against the db.
- Whatever else I may think of.

I already have a local copy of all the sequences in the base tables, and a method to update all open sequences in all the tables. I should be able to create a script to harvest C9/C30/C60/C80 lists from that, as well. I will consider it.

Of course, all this hinges on my ability to actually create the scripts. But, I will update here as I progress.

Edit: It looks like I'm able to d/l 1000 .elfs in a little over two hours without the db being anywhere near complaining. I don't plan to let it run unattended overnight, so I'm probably looking at a few days to complete the set. But, I don't need the full set to begin writing scripts.

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