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...Perhaps "Dude. Look in the mirror." is too facile...
There is no way for me to express my hatred of the word above in bold red. Most men do not take to it well at all.
I had no idea you were Tucker Carlson!

But if he were to take additional offense because I addressed him as "dude," so much the better.

I'm not aware of "dude" actually being an epithet or insulting. It is slang, and indicates a high degree of informality, and perhaps youth. It would be inappropriate to address your boss as "dude," unless your followup was "you can take this job and shove it" or words to that effect. It is generic, and increasingly unisex. One might refer to an unknown individual in the third person as "that dude." Someone a lot younger than I am might address someone they know as "dude" if they had known them a long time, or if they were doing, or proposing to do, something out of character, foolish or dangerous.

In the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century, especially in the Western US, "dude" meant a city-dweller, or someone inordinately preoccupied with looking stylish or fashionable; a "dandy." Someone dressed like a dude or a dandy, was "duded up." A ranch frequented by dressed-up tourists was a "dude ranch."

Another answer to Tucker Carlson's "Can somebody tell us in very clear language what a White supremacist is?" might be, "Look in the mirror, my friend."
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